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Léonin Cyrard

Léonin Cyrard

Friend since Jul 18, 2014

Léonin Cyrard is an anagrammatic pseudonym. Léonin Cyrard doesn’t want to reveal details of his personal life. He has no official artistic training nor official affiliation (like ”Maison des Artistes”), and never will. He works in complete independence and refuses all compromission with bureaucraticized art (Frac, art centers, etc.) The present submission to the CCC, which only constitutes a practical means to convey ideas and has no value in itself, should be considered as an exception. His practice originates in a long, in-depth experiment with photography, which led him to a reflexion on mass-media, including Internet, and from mass-media to history and geopolitics. This reflexion is conforted by an academic formation in art history and extensive personal research on these subjects. Léonin Cyrard never calls himself an ”artist”, nor consider the elements of his production (photography, film, video, text, objects) as ”art”. The beholder can call this production ”art” if he thinks this term is appropriate. The main purpose of Léonin Cyrard’s activity is to comprehend the construction of contemporary myths (reference to Roland Barthes’ text ”Myth, today” is relevant here).


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